Italy includes a new tactic for Euro Cup 2012

Italy carries a new tactic to the Euro Cup 2012 which is starting this Friday. Cesare Prandelli, coach from the Italian squad, have not revealed what are the new way is towards the press but has confirmed that something new may be practiced using the squad.
The Italians have suffered injuries and other legal situations that have affected their kind of play. That is why Prandelli continues to be pushing to get a new method for your Azzurri.
One problem is Mario Bolatelli is not going to start in the initial game against Spain on Sunday due to a minor hamstring injury. Another injury is Andrea Barzagli who was simply ruled out two days ago.
Another problem is that Learnardo Bonucci, Juventus defender, and Domenico Criscito, who plays inside the Russian league for Zenit Saint Petersburg and defender, are under investigation back at home for the match-fixing scandal.
Prandelli states to the press, 'We know we have a difficulty and, in that case, it will be silly not to consider using a different solution.'
The coach in the Italian squad continued to imply that his squad is used for the new training and gameplay given that they also have time for you to try something totally new.
'Many players have adapted the last few months towards the new way of playing,' asserted Prandelli to the press.
He also stated that his players all wish to prove themselves, and which is the attitude they have got entering the tournament. He mentioned that his players are accepting their required adapting for the new type of play which he has introduced do towards the difficulties they have faced to injuries and players taken away do to scandals.
Italy is usually a contender for virtually any cup, but on this occasion they face lots of difficulties. In the World Cup of 2006 they faced something similar and proceeded for being World Champions, however they didn't switch their check here gameplay in that tournament.
The Italians must observe how this will enjoy and, hopefully, it will not be anything near what went down against Russia last Friday.

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